Good Ol' American Ingenuity...the American Way

The year was 1972......

Bert Robertson, Robertson's Hickory Pit, Decatur, IL - 1972.

Bert Robertson, Robertson's Hickory Pit, Decatur, IL - 1972.

After laboring tirelessly over a hot wood pit, owner Mike Robertson vowed there had to be a better way. So along with his father, Bert (pictured above); they started designing and building what was to become the best bbq pits on the planet!

Now flash forward to 2014 to see the results of all that hard work and dedication to their customers and the passion for great bbq and smoked meats. [Isn't it refreshing to see what America does great! All built order to fit the needs of your business! And with great distributor support, you are on your way to success!]


Just a few pits on the way to a trade show. Southern Pride Smokers are now shipped all over the world.

Just a few pits on the way to a trade show. Southern Pride Smokers are now shipped all over the world.

And all because we want you to enjoy some of this....

Tender ribs. Slow-smoked with hickory. Gotta make you smile!   

Tender ribs. Slow-smoked with hickory. Gotta make you smile!


And this.....




Now I helped you to decide what to have for dinner! You're welcome!

C.J.S. Sales: We're passionate about 'the way' you cook.

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Broaster Celebrates 60 Years - Gets NEW Look!

There's so much that's NEW at Broaster Company, it's hard to know where to begin!

Maybe the easiest way to start is with the website - It's ALL NEW. Definitely worth the time to take a look. It's hard to believe that Broaster Chicken has been an American favorite for 60 years! 

                    Chicken Perfected!

                    Chicken Perfected!

  • New Logos, New Packaging
  • Enhanced and Expanded Branded Food Concepts - No Franchise Fees!
  • Genuine Broaster Chicken Program
  • Broaster Express Program.... "Why People Cross the Road"
  • New "Grab N Go" Cup Program
  • Smart Phone App - Find a location near you!


  • If your Broaster Pressure Fryer isn't new and you would like to be a part of our branded programs, you must first have your used equipment "certified" by us and serviced by one of our authorized agencies. Plus training fees will apply. This is to ensure your safety, operating efficiency, and our product consistency. Buying USED equipment may cost you more money in the long run. Contact us first.
  • Use of the Broaster tradenames and logos are only authorized to our licensed trademark operators. [Did you know, you won't find broast, broasted, broaster, broasting in the dictionary? That's because all of these words are registered trademarks - not cooking terms.]

CONTACT us today and we'll show you "WHY PEOPLE CROSS THE ROAD" FOR GENUINE BROASTER CHICKEN. You are only a CLICK away from making money!

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BBQ is food for the Soul.

I don't know what it is; but there's something very primal about bbq...something very relaxing about the 'aroma and taste' of smoked meats. Maybe the smell of smoke brings back memories of the family picnic, a warm summer day, a favorite meal or place. Something that tells your brain: relax and be happy! It's good for the soul.

Food for the soul. Bet you are feeling better already!

Food for the soul. Bet you are feeling better already!

Whether I'm consulting, training new customers, or just talking with friends; when you start talking about bbq, everyone has a favorite story to tell and a family recipe to share. There's always a smile on the storyteller's face. BBQ invokes just about everyone.

The smell of meats slow smoking with hickory, leaves a footprint on the brain.

The smell of meats slow smoking with hickory, leaves a footprint on the brain.

Seriously, who can't look at this picture of ribs and not say "Ahhhh?" [Well, maybe not if you are a vegetarian. But for you; I can smoke some awesome corn on the cob, smoked veggies; even tofu!] When I look at pictures like this; for some reason, I feel relaxed; like "no worries, mahn." Very strange, I know. 

[When I sell a smoker, I'm surprised at how many of them come back to me and say they've never had so much fun purchasing a piece of equipment before. So it's good all around; whether you are producing OR consuming!]

How many foods can you think of that leave that type of impression? And even though a picture can paint a 1,000 words; tasting that scrumptious flavor will create an even deeper impression. One that makes you want more.

Want to be the memory maker in your community?

Want to be the memory maker in your community?

Let us, show you 'the way.' Contact us.

Next time: What's new with Broaster Chicken!

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Seafood Idea for Lent

In a previous blog entry, I said I would post something about food next. Well, Lent is only 2 weeks away. Here's an idea you might want to try.

fried scallops image.jpg

I travel to the Carolinas quite a bit and I was surprised to see Fried Sea Scallops on many menus. Sea Scallops are delicate and lightly flavored. Why would you want to fry them, right? It's like putting ketchup on a filet!  Well, I have to say, I gave in and gave it a try.... TOTALLY DELICIOUS!

So, for Lent, why not add Fried Sea Scallops to your menu. You could pair them with a few shrimp as well which would add variety to the entree and also bring the food cost down. I would recommend a 'light batter'. Make sure you have rinsed and dried the seafood before battering, otherwise the batter will blow off while frying, and be sure not to over cook. I think you will be just as surprised as I was with the flavor. Be creative and add your own dipping sauce or flavored aioli! Who knows, Fried Scallops might become a new favorite on your menu! 

If you haven't found a fish batter that you like, just CONTACT US

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If you are an Independent Grocery Retailer and are attending the upcoming National Trade Show at The Mirage Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, February 9-12, be sure to stop by Booth #1221 to see the latest from Southern Pride!

Southern Pride will be launching the NEW Gas Model SRG-400 - The NEXT Generation Smoker! Also, stop by and get an overview of OUR PROVEN GROCERY STORE PROGRAM. Let us show you how adding Smoked Meats & Signature Items with a Southern Pride Smoker and our Proven Program, will be the next PROFIT CENTER for your business.

If you would like more information on how adding a Southern Pride Smoker to your business can give you better PROFITS, PROFIT MARGINS, and INCREASE STORE TRAFFIC, just CONTACT US

Let US, show you 'the way.'


Southern Pride Introduces "NEW GENERATION" Smoker

The SRG-400 offers great cooking capacity in a small foot print. It is ideal for use in your commercial kitchen and can easily fit under your current exhaust hood. Because of the small foot print, it is ideal for use inside a Concession Trailer or Food Truck! JUST THINK OF THE NEW BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES!


Southern Pride Model SRG-400

Southern Pride Model SRG-400

  • Gas fired
  • Burns logs or charcoal for authentic smoked flavor and smoke ring
  • Will pass through a 36" doorway
  • Variable Convection Fan Speeds
  • Variable Steam Options
  • Also use as a cook & hold oven and holding oven!
  • Adjustable, stationary food racks - accommodates all types of foods
  • Fully insulated for energy efficiency
  • Other options are available
  • Proven track record from the Industry Leader: Southern Pride: Built with PRIDE in USA 

Call us at 724.658.4622  or CONTACT US

Spring will be upon us soon. Get your business ready for new income opportunities. Let us show you 'the way'.

Next up: Let's talk about food! Thanks for reading,



Your...'NEW'... New Year's Resolution

Here's an easy way to help the environment, reduce on the job injuries, AND save money!

It's important to operate your business as efficiently as possible. We all know that, right? But sometimes, cost saving ideas aren't always obvious. Here's my example.... 

SITUATION: I was visiting with a customer and the floor by the deep fryers was very oily and slippery. I mentioned to the owner that the oil on the floor was a hazard and that someone could get seriously injured. The response was, "Oh, we'll wipe it up with some kitchen towels."    Sounds like 'problem solved'; but not really. They did wipe the floor with towels, and it appeared to be safe; however, later that night an employee did slip and fall in that same area and was sent to the ER for care.

RESULT: The restaurant manager had to take the employee to the Emergency Room. The employee was off work for 2 weeks while the injured wrist healed. Now there's also a Workers Comp Claim. Thankfully the employee didn't have any broken bones, but the accident was indeed costly; not to mention the fact that for every claim, the insurance premiums increase. You can see how the expenses quickly add up.

Presentation available on our New Pig Page

Presentation available on our New Pig Page

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: Be sure to visit the New Pig  Page of our website. New Pig products are made from RECYCLED materials, will quickly absorb the mess, AND remove the slippery or sticky residue from the spill [without towels, and without a bucket and mop]. All you have to do, is cover the spill with an absorbent Spill Pad, and let the product do the rest. When the spill is absorbed, just throw the pad away. No other clean up is necessary. Sounds too easy, right? All I can say is "it works!"

MORAL OF THE STORY: Although towels are already on hand, you actually increase your laundry expenses drastically by cleaning up large spills with towels. Towels also spread the mess around, making it larger. [A slippery mess becomes a BIG, SLIPPERY MESS!] Even though this restaurant would have the expense of purchasing another product to inventory and keep on hand,  using the NEW PIG PRODUCTS would have reduced the likelihood of an accident, thus saving money.

WIN/WIN: Help the environment by using recycled products, save on laundry services, keep your employees safe, and reduce Workers Comp Claims! Not a bad choice!

So, your New Year's Resolution this year should be to find ways to improve your business while also finding ways to be safe and efficient. Let us, show you 'the way.'  Contact us

Thank you for reading my blog. I look forward to many more entries in 2014.

From all of us at CJS, we wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Happy Holidays Everyone!






The best way to reduce your federal tax liability is to purchase equipment for your business.


Taxpayers can elect to expense the cost of qualifying property. The aggregate cost that can be expensed (deducted) by regular taxpayers under Code Sec. 179 for any tax year cannot exceed:

....$500,000 for tax years beginning in 2013

....$25,000 for tax years beginning after 2013

Notice the drastic drop in the amount that can be expensed ....2013 vs. 2014!

If your business will show a profit by the end of the year, you can reduce the amount of tax you will pay if you purchase equipment for your business. [You can only write off the purchase if you have a profit.In order for the purchase to qualify, you must be invoiced and paid in full by December 31st. It's okay if the equipment is delivered after the New Year. 


Put your 'hard earned' dollars to work for YOU!... Invest in your business.

SHORT ON CASH? DON'T WANT TO USE YOUR CASH? NO PROBLEM. We can assist you with financing that will allow you to keep your cash reserve and still take advantage of the year-end deduction!

Let us show you 'the way.'  

New things are coming! Stay tuned!!

What is Broasted Chicken?

First, let's clear up the first myth about Broasted Chicken... 

I bet you think broasted is a cooking term, right? That's false. Actually you can get the biggest Webster's Dictionary you can find and you won't find any form of the word listed. That's right. You won't find broast, broasted, broasting, etc. Bet you are surprised!

Broasted, Broasted Chicken, Broaster Foods, Broaster Chicken, and Broasterie are all registered trademarks owned by The Broaster Company of Beloit, WI. You can't use any form of the words without infringing on the registered trademarks. [Changing the "B" to "b" doesn't work either.] 
Broasted is not a cooking term or a combination of 'baked and fried', it's a  flavor; just like Pepsi or Coke. 
  Genuine Broaster Chicken 40-70% less fat than fried chicken

 Genuine Broaster Chicken 40-70% less fat than fried chicken

Myth #2 - Cooking chicken in a pressure fryer makes it  Broasted Chicken. Again, that's false. What you have is pressure fried chicken.

So what is it?  The Broaster Company manufacturers their own pressure fryers, marinades and coatings to be used on a variety of food products. So for Broasted Chicken, we marinate chicken in "our marinade"; coat it with "our specially blended coatings", and cook it under pressure in "our Broaster Pressure Fryer".  The WHOLE PROCESS makes Broasted Chicken. The chicken is very flavorful, moist and juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Never greasy. Our marination provides flavor down to the bone!


In order to have Genuine Broaster Chicken, aka Broasted Chicken, you must comply with ALL of the following criteria....

(1). You must own a Broaster brand pressure fryer. 

(2). If you are using fresh chicken, you must use Broaster Chickite Marination and Broaster Slo-Bro Coating and follow our handling and cooking guidelines, OR use our Broaster Frozen 8 Piece Cut Chicken. 

(3). You must be trained by CJS Sales [or the authorized Broaster distributor in your area]. 

(4). You must have a current, signed trademark agreement on file with The Broaster Company.  This trademark agreement is provided by the authorized distributor [CJS Sales]. You sign it, we sign it, and The Broaster Company signs it. This licenses you to use the trade names as long as you comply with the program. There are NO FRANCHISE FEES OR ROYALTY FEES.


Myth #3 - All pressure fryers are Broasters. Again, this is false. Only pressure fryers manufactured by The Broaster Company can be called a Broaster.  Any other 'brand' of pressure fryer is just a pressure fryer.

Myth #4 - If I cook chicken in my Broaster Pressure Fryer, I can call it Broasted Chicken. Again, FALSE. You must comply with all of the criteria listed above.

Whether you call it Broasted Chicken or Broaster Chicken, one fact is unmistakable. It will be the best chicken you have ever eaten! 

The holidays are fast approaching. For your holiday parties, be sure to serve Broasted Chicken. Your guests will be glad you did! 

Thanks for reading! 






Broaster Equipment Specials - One Week ONLY!

Now is a great time to purchase equipment for your business. You can be ready to take on more catering jobs for the upcoming holidays and offer more party specials for sporting events. But it's also a great time buy equipment because you can write off the entire purchase price on your taxes!  INVEST IN YOU!! Let us show you 'the way'.


Above: Model 1800  Models 1600 & 2400 not shown  

Above: Model 1800

Models 1600 & 2400 not shown  

For One Week ONLY - October 29th through November 5th


Receive $500-$1000 off your new Broaster Pressure Fryer Purchase


$250-$500 off your new Broaster Ventless Countertop Fryer.


We are also offering a Lease to Own Special - Zero down, No payments until January 2014. [Subject to credit approval.] 

For more information and equipment specifications for our Broaster Pressure Fryers and Broaster Ventless Countertop Fryers, please go to the Broaster Page of this website. 

Complete branded programs are also available; specially tailored to fit your business. Don't delay. Let us show you why Broaster Chicken is STILL an American Tradition Since 1954!

Want more information on how you can save? Please complete the Contact Page of our website and we will contact you with all the details. Be sure to include your phone number and email address.

 [Specials are ONLY valid within the distribution territory of CJS Sales. General areas listed on the Contact Page.]

  An American Tradition Since 1954  

 An American Tradition Since 1954 

"What is Broasted Chicken?" We'll discuss that next. 

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The Lucky Well is "Smokin' Hot" in Ambler, PA

Chad and Lynn - Southern Pride training day. 

Chad and Lynn - Southern Pride training day. 

I had the privilege of working with Celebrity Chef, Chad Rosenthal recently and all I can say is, "What a super guy." He purchased a Southern Pride Smoker from me for his new restaurant. This model will easily hold over 750 lbs. of meat. [That's some serious cooking.] And Chad is loving it! Perfect every time!

You can tell that Chad is very passionate about what he does. His attention to detail throughout the restaurant from decor, to menu development, to plate presentation, coupled with his true love of bbq, is meant to give diners a very memorable dining experience. Chad's even developed his own signature beer, fresh on tap! This is the "WOW" factor that I talk about on our Home Page. It may sound corny; but it truly separates you from your competition...and it's important to your customers. 

During the process of working on his new restaurant, he was also completing a season on Food Network Star. So now with all of that completed, he can channel all of his creativity and focus into The Lucky Well. You can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook as well.  

See Chad in action with a few names you might recognize..


Chad with Alton Brown, Giada De Laurentiis, and Bobby Flay

Chad with Alton Brown, Giada De Laurentiis, and Bobby Flay

Chad on the set of Food Network Star

Chad on the set of Food Network Star

Thanks Chad, we wish you all the best! 

Keep checking my blog for the next featured restaurant. It just might be you!

Thanks for reading.


Visit The Farmer's Inn, Sigel, PA

Farmer's Inn, Sigel, PA

Farmer's Inn, Sigel, PA

If you ever want to take a great 'day trip' you have to go to The Farmer's Inn. Located just outside of Clear Creek State Park [Cooks Forest area], it's a destination that all ages will enjoy. The scenic drive across I-80 followed by the country road to The Farmer's Inn is guaranteed to take your stress away. October is a great time to make the trip so you can enjoy the beautiful fall colors. 

Little friends at the Petting Zoo. 

Little friends at the Petting Zoo. 

There's lots to do when you arrive. There's a Petting Zoo, Wildlife Zoo, Mini Golf, Driving Range, Amish Furnishings, Bulk Foods Store, Retail Gift Shop, Ice Cream Parlor, Bakery, and Restaurant. At the restaurant and bakery, you will enjoy 'home-cooked' meals and 'home-made' baked goods....from scratch! Of course, I can't forget to mention, that you can enjoy some awesome "Broaster Chicken" and smoked chicken dinners from their Southern Pride Smoker!

But you gotta hurry. Fall Hours are Friday-Sunday until December 1st. For more details, go to The Farmer's Inn. 


The address is The Farmer's Inn, 759 Shaffer Rd., Sigel, PA 15860.

If you have extra time, be sure to make a stop in Foxburg, PA. [The tiny town is located just off I-80]. You can enjoy the picturesque river and visit the Foxburg Winery. For all you golf fans, the first golf course in America is located in Foxburg. It is still in operation and there is also a Golf Museum there too. Check it out!

I promise; the next post will feature a brand new restaurant that's "SMOKIN'!" Don't miss it!

Your Western PA Tour Director!

CJS Sales gets a brand new look

CJS Sales logo

We are very excited to introduce our new logo, website, and blog to you. Now we feel refreshed and re-energized; just like a face lift. Our business is just like yours; sometimes you need to step back and take a whole new fresh look through a new pair of eyes. It's hard to believe we have been in business for 29 years. Time sure flies by fast!  

The purpose of this blog is to share general information, ideas, and success stories with you. We have wonderful customers. Not only do you operate unique, successful businesses, you also support your local communities and charities. We think that's great stuff to share.

If you have ideas or would like to be featured on this blog, go to our Contact Page and submit your idea. Check back soon. I will feature a brand new restaurant you won't want to miss.